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Well Camera Inspection Service (NEW!)

Drew & Hefner Water Wells & Pumps is now offering a well inspection service using a newly acquired borehole camera system. This system, designed by STRAHL is equipped with an LCD screen for live viewing the dual cameras as it travels down the well. The cameras consist of one downward facing wide-angle camera to view down the hole and another one that is side-mounted with 360 degree motorized rotation to view the sidewalls for thorough inspection. 

By using this system we are able to efficiently inspect your well up to 1000 feet below ground level and provide you with both video footage and photos of our findings. After the inspection, we will be happy to share with you the video and/or photos we collect by using either a USB flash drive or over the web*. A detailed camera inspection will allow us to gain valuable information on the current condition of your well and find out what maybe causing you problems. Once the inspection is complete, we can then create a plan to resolve the problem!

For more information or to schedule a well inspection appointment, please use the Contact Us page.

*Web Sharing: Media collected from our cameras may be shared to you over the web, however this service may not be available onsite due to lack of WiFi network or cellular coverage. Media can be shared to you over the web once we have processed it in our office.

See the video below for a demonstration of the Well Camera Inspection.




STRAHL-Downhole-Camera-Brochure Page 1

STRAHL-Downhole-Camera-Brochure Page 2